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Is Facebook/Twitter Killing Your Website?

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz in the online marketing industry with many proclaiming that Facebook and Twitter will soon replace the company website. Those making this forecast point to a recent study by the National Retail Federation, of social media users and their relationship with online businesses. Are these proclamations valid? Let's

Is Facebook/Twitter Killing Your Website?2011-06-09T11:07:56-05:00

Fatal Small Business Myths / Mistakes About Website Design

I often attend a number of business networking groups in my area and enjoy meeting many wonderful business people and learning about their businesses and what they offer. Sometimes I am intrigued by their products or services, and after returning home, I look up their website. All to often, this is when my interest in

Fatal Small Business Myths / Mistakes About Website Design2011-06-02T15:40:42-05:00

Is Video Important to an Effective Website?

There has been a growing trend to add video to websites, including a large number of online video providers, who champion this trend. But is video really the great linchpin in the sales effectiveness of a website? Video certainly is a great tool in making what is often, a cold impersonal digital environment of a

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