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Fatal Small Business Myths / Mistakes About Website Design

I often attend a number of business networking groups in my area and enjoy meeting many wonderful business people and learning about their businesses and what they offer. Sometimes I am intrigued by their products or services, and after returning home, I look up their website. All to often, this is when my interest in

Fatal Small Business Myths / Mistakes About Website Design2011-06-02T15:40:42-05:00

We Are Not Our Target Audience

Several years ago, I worked for a mid-sized national corporation overseeing their web presence. During my time there I had the opportunity to be on the client side, working with a major ad agency in developing a new design for our corporate website. The agency produced a design concept that really resonated with those on

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To Flash, or Not to Flash?

Sure there are many website owners and designers who would give a responding, “YES!” or, “WHY NOT?” to that question. After all, Flash can give a website that cool wow-factor with its smooth and innovative animation effects and/or interactivity. Some websites are developed entirely using Flash, while others will use Flash to display a section

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