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Is Facebook/Twitter Killing Your Website?

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz in the online marketing industry with many proclaiming that Facebook and Twitter will soon replace the company website. Those making this forecast point to a recent study by the National Retail Federation, of social media users and their relationship with online businesses. Are these proclamations valid? Let's

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Fatal Small Business Myths / Mistakes About Website Design

I often attend a number of business networking groups in my area and enjoy meeting many wonderful business people and learning about their businesses and what they offer. Sometimes I am intrigued by their products or services, and after returning home, I look up their website. All to often, this is when my interest in

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Is Video Important to an Effective Website?

There has been a growing trend to add video to websites, including a large number of online video providers, who champion this trend. But is video really the great linchpin in the sales effectiveness of a website? Video certainly is a great tool in making what is often, a cold impersonal digital environment of a

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We Are Not Our Target Audience

Several years ago, I worked for a mid-sized national corporation overseeing their web presence. During my time there I had the opportunity to be on the client side, working with a major ad agency in developing a new design for our corporate website. The agency produced a design concept that really resonated with those on

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Unlock the Hidden Potential Within Your Website

A new client came to me for help in increasing the number of visitors to her website since she was disappointed in the sales it generated. She was already funding a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) account costing over $300 per month, and was willing to pay (me) even more. After reviewing her site usage statistics, I found

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Blog Your Way to SEO Success and Watch Your Visitors Grow!

Almost everyone, even remotely connected with website ownership will ask me how they can make their website appear in the top spots in Google/Yahoo searches. I will then describe how we gather a list of possible search terms that we want to target, and optimize these terms throughout the website. Of course this is a

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