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This one is an oldie but a goodie! When creating a website for a company that provides website design and development, it MUST be outstanding. Right? Creative ingenuity must be at a high. Pushing the envelop is common. The website needs to reflect the qualities of the design agency–or else. No pressure.


The agency had adopted the message promising to connect with the client’s customers. This is a refreshing message when many competitors merely try to “win over” the client by connecting with them. Unfortunately, this can result in missing the objective entirely, which is connecting with the target audience. Working closely with the agency Creative Director, we developed the concept for an intro animation (using Adobe Flash) that spotlighted the message. We also pioneered the use of full image backgrounds on all the pages.

It is important to know that this site was developed over 10 years ago, when intro animations and full page backgrounds where common or just introduced. It is unquestionable, that if designed today, we would take full advantage of today’s cutting-edge web design and development technologies and trends.

  • Web Design

  • Web Development

  • Animation (Flash)


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