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Cool Globes: public art exhibit


Cool Globes was a public art display designed to build awareness and provide solutions to the issue of global warming. Hundreds of local and international artists where asked to paint/sculpt a 5 foot globe to highlight the issue or a solution. The globes were then displayed on Chicago’s lakefront and other places throughout the city. The challenge was to design a website that would first work as a “coming-soon” teaser and later, when the exhibit opened, be an online exhibit where people could view each globe online, while furthering awareness.


The teaser website simply featured an animation (done using Adobe Flash) to introduce the exhibit to the people of Chicago. Since I had no images of the globes we chose to use the animation to illustrate the concept and build excitement. I chose to have the images and text flow into each other to give the sense that how we are all connected. The animation makes a reference to a previous public art exhibit, “Cows on Parade,” which did not serve a purpose other than PR for the City of Chicago. Cool Globes would be different. We can “change the world!” The final panel morphs into a banner I had designed with the Cool Globes logo in the center, trees on one side and the city skyline on the other. This banner was used in posters and billboards throughout the city.

The website (not shown) was an online directory of all the globes. It included several other smaller globes done by international celebrities and politicians, and well as educational material, games and contests, hints and tips, etc.

The exhibit was a huge success, drawing the attraction of several cities worldwide who asked to host the Cool Globes exhibit. The exhibit toured the world for the next 5 years.

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