Project Description

Clybourn Capital Group


When realtors find buyers for commercial or multi-residential properties, it is often difficult to find a lender who will finance the deal. This is because most lending institution have limits which are designed for more conventional loans. Clybourn Capital Group steps in to fill that gap by bringing lenders and buyers together.  The website needed to speak to the needs of multiple audiences: Banks and other financial lenders, property buyers (who are often business owners, developers, investors), Real estate agents assisting in the process. Even lenders who are often forced to decline these loans, can now approve them by using Clybourn’s service. 


Sometimes when facing complicated messaging focused to various audiences, it is best to keep it simple by simply focusing on the services provided and the final benefit: Let’s work together and close the deal for everyone’s benefit. This allowed the site to send a clear message of the service provided. We allowed the various audiences to find themselves, according to their own needs and motivations. Diving deeper into the site, users find more targeted content. 

Images were chosen to reflect typical architecture in the Chicago area, the area served by Clybourn Capital. Images also reflect properties that often fall outside most lenders “credit box.”

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