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Fulton Market Films is a small independent film production house which writes, directs and produces short or long format films. While they make independent films–some with big name movie celebrities, they also specialize in producing films for non-profits and charitable organizations. They have a unique gift in creating something of meaning, substance and quality with very little resources. No big Hollywood budgets here. The website had to do the same. It had to reflect the quality and creative ingenuity of a first rate film house, using a very small budget. The site also had to introduce both sides of the business (Profit and Non-Profit) and allow users to decide their preference.


The client had some unique ideas of using a horizontal page design, where scrolling was horizontal (right/left), rather than the more common vertical (up/down) design. The home page would simply present both film types. Nothing more. Choosing a type would send the user scrolling to the left (for Entertainment) or right (for Non-Profit). After making their selection they are presented with a large, full-size trailer of a recent film they produced or a highlight reel. Again there is nothing more since this was designed to tell the FHF story using FHF movies. Both trailers urge users to scroll further where they would be presented with several relevant case studies, each complete with video trailers.

To keep costs to a minimum, an extensive search was made for a WordPress template that could accomplish all we wanted to do. The unique qualities of the site conception made this virtually impossible. The home page “scroller” is merely an image slider that was re-designed to appear as if you were scrolling, right/left, one continuous page while you are actually moving between “slides.” The case studies are actually, a new page with a unique horizontal scrolling “portfolio.” This horizontal portfolio and its hover effects was why we chose the theme.

I also love how they shunned using recent images for their staff photos in favor of using images from when they were children.

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