Project Description

Gran Fondo New Jersey: A Premier Cycling Event


This site was another collaboration with Creative Director Michael Valenti. Mike created the design while I built the site. Since the website focuses on only one annual event, the site needed to undergo continuous updates throughout the year as the event grew closer. Most of these changes would then be repeated year after year.  It also needed to be easy to modify to reflect any new branding design changes that might be unique to a given year. The site needs to contain a great deal of content which included registration data and detailed information on the various rides and climbs riders would encounter.


The site has been a huge success and continues to be well received by participants and sponsors. It has even generated web design referrals as well. I have continued to provide continuous maintenance and support over the years since the site launched. It’s contemporary design has held up well and is still trendy even today.

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  • Maintenance & Support


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