Project Description

JK Gray Antiques: antique and collectibles shop


JK Gray Antiques features the combined collection of two antique collectors who have amassed a huge collection over many years. They had always envisioned selling their items but never gained any traction after failed attempts. Since they have a small showroom, it cannot house even half of their collection so they turned to the Internet for help. One collection features true antiques, from Europe and across the world while the other features vintage collectibles, most from the last 50-100 years. The concern is that antique buyers may see the collectibles as cheapening the value/integrity of the antiques, while the collectible buyers seeing the antiques may fear that prices will be too high.   


We chose a classic color pallet (grey, black and gold) which conveys a sense of “history and treasure.” We studied the websites of art galleries and determined that a similar design would help present the items as “works of art.” The antiques were completely separated from the collectibles to cater to audience preferences. We used WooCommerce to manage and present the items. Shopping cart and sales transactions are turned off, to allow for email negotiations on price.  

  • Strategic Planning

  • Logo Design

  • Web Design

  • Web Development

  • Branding


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