Project Description

Keri Wyatt Kent: author and writing services provider


Keri wanted a website where readers of her books could gather, read and discuss blog articles, find inspiration, and learn more about the body of work she has written. However, Keri also needed to promote her own business, “A Powerful Story” which provides writing services. We also had to work with a particularly tight budget.


We focused primarily on promoting the writing business, while still offering info on her books, blog articles, and even speaking opportunities. This allowed both the business and author to compliment each other. The name of her business, “A Powerful Story” worked well in resonating with both sides. Her books often focus on the value of simplicity, rest, and love from a spiritual perspective. Using images of Keri interacting with nature helped promote this concept while also telling her story as a writer. To keep costs to a minimum, we chose a theme that was very close to the design style she wanted, but flexible enough that the finished site did not look like the original theme. It also helped that Keri’s daughter is a photographer who took most of the shots.

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