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KOR-PAK: Industrial Parts


KOR-PAK is a provider of heavy duty industrial machine parts. Founded in the mid 1970’s they began as an exclusive provider of a braking parts manufacturer, while slowly expanding to provide other types of industrial parts. Eventually their customers came to know that if KOR-PAK did not have the part they needed, KOR-PAK would find it, or even make it. They approached me to design and develop a new website and logo to help bring the company into the online marketplace. Since they were a small company, they needed to portray themselves as a large company with many resources to help instill trust and confidence. Many of KOR-PAK’s clients where often unaware that they serve several other industries. They needed to increase awareness of the wide scope in which they serve.


When it comes to industrial parts, precision and accuracy is everything. This is why the logo was designed to show strength, movement and precision. The “KP” letters mimic a breaking system or brake pad, with which KOR-PAK got their start. While the client chose a logo with a fully formed “K” (see website), I preferred the hinted “K.” Less is more? You decide.

The website used a clean and bold design that separated itself from many poorly designed sites of their competitors. Using an almost sterile, orderly appearance we hoped to connect with engineers who would be visiting the site, who have an appreciation for order, balance, and symmetry. The home page slider was used to portray the various industries KOR-PAK serves.

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