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Law Office of Anastasia Poulopoulos:


Anastasia Poulopoulos is an attorney specializing in property tax assessments. The business is also know as, reflecting the URL they purchased and have used for many years. She serves owners of property (residential, commercial, or industrial) located in the Chicago area and neighboring counties. The site needed to address the needs and concerns of the various target audiences which include property owners (both residential and commercial), real estate agents, and financial planners and accountants. All these groups have needs to lower property taxes. Anastasia is a frequent speaker and offers several workshops/seminars for members of local association groups.


The site makes it clear about the area Anastasia serves. Just under the home page hero slider, is a panel of buttons for each county. Clicking a county takes the user to a chart showing the upcoming deadline dates for appealing property taxes in each township. A page promoting upcoming seminars is also provided, including the types of seminars offered.

This was again, a site that was so successful, the owners asked for a redesign after 3-4 years. The most recent version is listed here.

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