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Loizzi Law Office: Personal Injury Attorney


Loizzi Law Office who specializes in personal injury claims, needed a website. Most may be well aware just how intensely competitive this area of legal practice has become. Most of us have seen countless ads on TV and radio, in newspapers and billboards. Most of these ads are often annoying, crass, corny, and obnoxious. Websites in this area are not much better. Many are difficult to read and follow due to keyword stuffing to enhance SEO. How does Loizzi rise above all the noise?


Working closely with a designer friend whom I admire and respect greatly, we decided to reach out to the emotional side of Loizzi’s potential clients. We used images that quietly depicted the fear and emotional anguish they are experiencing as a result of their injury. We kept the site design and it’s text, limited and uncluttered to provide a clear and consistent message. A website such as this displays compassion and understanding, which reflects favorably on the services offered and the people behind them. A home page slider sequence powerfully brings this message home. While the site may have fared worse than the obnoxious sites in generating traffic, it is likely it was far better at converting visitors into clients.

The site has been successful for a several years, and now we are nearing completion of the newly revised website, which uses much of the same concepts and provides more stable programming. This includes many design improvements and content updates. Watch for it!

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