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Matot: Commercial Dumbwaiters


Many people don’t today even know what a dumbwaiter is. They are often thought of as something of a bygone era. This may be true with residential homes, they are still popular in many commercial and industrial facilities where items need to be transported from one floor to another using a small elevator. Matot needs a website that re-introduces the dumbwaiter to a new generation of building architects and engineers, to show them how dumbwaiters can be put to great use in today’s buildings.  This was another project were I teamed up with Creative Director Michael Valenti to provide the design and content strategy while I provided built the site. Truth be known, we did a fair amount of collaboration on individual page layouts.


To reach architects, the site needed a stylish design showing dumbwaiters in an elegant fashion in various installations. It needed to spur creative ideas, and supply them with the details and specs they would need to add them to their blueprints. Customer service and reaching an adviser was highlighted throughout the site.

  • Web Development


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