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Michael Valenti: Cycling Artist

Michael and I have teamed up on many web projects. Many are listed here. A former Creative Director with the Leo Burnett Agency, he now runs his own agency and for several years he has called on me whenever his clients need website help. Mike provides the content and design, and I make it happen. This website was focused to promote his work as a visual artist creating original drawings, paintings, prints inspired by his love for cycling. His goal was to make this his full-time job while decreasing his advertising work.

In Summer 2017, Mike traveled to see the Tour de France. Each day he setup his easel and paint at a key spot along the route and created 3 paintings each day. Despite spotty internet service, he managed to email images of the art, which I would load onto his site and make available for purchase within 24 hours. Mike would also post blog and Facebook updates, allowing his fans to follow him each day. Mike plans to return to “the Tour” in 2018.

Over the years, his artist business has increased greatly and only occasionally does he do any advertising work. He has also learned a lot from me and does a good portion of his own site updates, calling on me when things get too tricky.

  • Web Development

  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance


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