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This was an all too familiar story I heard from this client. He had a website designed/developed by–the popular web design/development firm, but he had grown dissatisfied with the poor results and lack of support he was receiving, despite the high fees he was paying constantly to “optimize” his SEO. I find that this and many other website building services that promise astounding lead-generation or significant SEO positioning. The problem is that they place SEO “tricks” above good customer experience. You can usually I.D. these sites by the way the copy seems stuffed with all types of search terms and phrases into every headline and body text, making it incoherent at times. While they may do a good job attracting users to visit the site, they fail miserably in making a conversion, sale, or contact because the website is awkward and amateur in presenting the business. These providers also like to “hold ransom” your domain. They own it when they purchased it “for you” when you signed up. Its just one one of the many “beneficial services” they provide. 



We decided to go with an organic SEO approach. We revisited the key components of the services provided and narrowed them down to 4 featured areas. LeadPages had nine. Many of these were identical items using different titles. By keeping it simple (4), users could more easily remember the types of services the website owner provided–and make their selection of which they want to learn more. Working with a professional writer, we fleshed out sections of copy that were terrible and replaced it with well-written copy. 

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