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Wave Bar & Grille


Wave Bar and Grille was a new restaurant bar located in the Waterfront Hotel & Marina, in an area known for summer boating crowd, who enjoys traveling to various dining spots, and “bar hoping” by boat. For the website, I teamed up with one of my favorite designers, Michael Valenti, who designed, while I developed the site. I also stepped in to design the logo. We needed the site and logo to maintain some association with the Hotel, as a featured amenity, while keeping some independence for those who are not interested in lodging.


The logo was designed as the restaurant was under construction. Viewing the blueprints, it was discovered that it featured a long, curving bar embossed with a “river” running from one end to the other. The overall vision for the bar was similar to those in nearly downtown Chicago: highly modern and contemporary, stylish and unique. It also featured a bank of large “garage-like” doors along one side of the bar, which when opened on warmer days, provided a seamless walkout to a riverfront patio with more tables and chairs. Inspired by the stark, modern Euro design style, the logo reflects the gentle curving of the bar itself. The website design was also kept clean and uncluttered.

The bottom of the home page featured a promo and link back to the hotel site, while the hotel site also links back.

  • Web Development

  • Logo Design


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