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I work with agencies and creatives, as well as small- to mid-size businesses and entrepreneurs in producing effective custom WordPress websites that generate remarkable results–the type of site you will be proud to represent you or your client. I grasp the unique challenges and desires of creatives, and how to leverage great design with business objectives. I even save you from the bewildering world of programming and code.

Every project starts with a strategy session to discuss your challenges and how to best incorporate your ideas into an online experience.

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Need additional services? Here are a few options I provide as special add-ons. If you’re not sure what you need, contact me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why WordPress?2014-12-05T19:11:33-06:00

WordPress is the most used CMS platform on the web today. Some platforms are commercially bought while others, like WordPress are totally free. Free tools can often have drawbacks, yet the lead developers of WordPress (a for-profit company) are committed to its constant improvement, using the talents of hundreds of programmers who graciously contribute their time and expertise. While other platforms may have their advantages, WordPress provides the best all-around package.

As a designer, I find WordPress to be fairly simple and easy to use and develop. Unlike many other platforms, it is highly adaptable to virtually any design concept. It is also easy to extend it’s capabilities by installing various “plugins”.

Most of my clients who start using WordPress, eventually LOVE WordPress.

Can you help me with my existing website?2014-12-05T18:57:48-06:00

Sure. While I specialize in WordPress sites, I can work with most sites developed through other means.

Will you help me with the website after it is launched?2014-12-05T18:55:04-06:00

Absolutely! Most of my clients have been working with me for years, as we work together to constantly make their websites the best they can be. You might say that I become their website go-to guy whenever they need help, insight, or advice.

Do you provide training?2014-12-05T18:50:17-06:00

WordPress training is often included in most of our project estimates, which we can conduct in-person or via online web conference. You can also contact us any time to discuss a customized training session, and quote.

Will I be able to make changes?, Post videos?, Blog?, etc.2014-12-05T18:47:40-06:00

YES! Virtually all the websites we develop are built on a WordPress content management system. WordPress makes it easy and simple to make changes to virtually any page on your website. You just log-in to a back-end Administration area, make and save your changes, and they go live to the site.

BTW: We strongly recommend using a third-party video hosting service such as YouTube or Vimeo to host your video files. These services provide you with code, that you insert into your WordPress page. The video looks and plays as part of your website, while the stream quality and bandwidth is handled by the video hosting service.

How long does it take to design/build a website?2014-12-05T18:35:36-06:00

Most websites take a minimum of two months to design/develop. Many can take 5-6 months, yet it is important to know that much of this time is developing and writing content. There are some rare cases where a ready-made design template/theme can be used, along with ready made content, where the time can be as little as 1 week.

What if I don’t like the work performed?2014-12-05T18:30:27-06:00

It is extremely rare that a client is not satisfied with a project. We take great effort to fully understand our client’s desires and expectations. Most web design projects have a number of revisions allowed, under contract. In very rare situations, we may need to create additional revisions to please the client. Additional revisions, however rare, will be charged extra. If you decide to ‘cancel’ the project or decide not to use the work, for whatever reason, you are still liable for the charges for all work that has been performed.

What are the ‘hidden’ charges?2014-12-05T18:17:38-06:00

I am a consumer like you. And I hate hidden charges when I contract for a service! I try to make every effort to make sure that my clients are well aware of all charges (actual and potential) of the job. I am even willing to place a limit on specific tasks, unless you, the client, approves any additional time required and associated charges.

Do you charge to answer a question?2014-12-05T18:09:39-06:00

I am certainly willing to answer a quick question at no cost if it takes less than 5 of my time.

Questions that involve additional research, response or time outside the scope of a current project, will be billed at my hourly rate.

Do you require payment up front?2014-12-05T18:02:02-06:00

For projects less than $500, I do require payment upfront prior to work commencing. For full-scale web design and larger projects, I usually require a 50% payment prior to start, a 40% payment prior to launch, and 10% payment after launch.

Once a history of timely payments has been established, we may forgo advance payments for smaller jobs.

We understand that some payment terms may not be ideal for some clients, and we are willing to discuss options if needed.

How much does a website cost?2014-12-05T17:53:24-06:00

This is a difficult question to answer only because it is very similar to asking, “How much does a home cost?” Web designers with a “one-size-fits-all” business model can answer that question. Those who specialize in custom built sites, know that price depends on the size and features that are desired, not to forget quality and time frame.

Are you available evenings and weekends?2014-12-05T17:43:17-06:00

I am usually not available during evenings and weekends, including major holidays. There are some exceptions when I will use this time to get caught up on projects, or handle rush projects and emergencies.

What is the best way to communicate?2014-12-05T17:38:29-06:00

Many times during the day, I need to remain focused on a scheduled client project, free of distraction. During this time, most phone calls go to voice-mail, to which I will respond as soon as possible. Email is the best way to reach me–even in an emergency. If you’d like to speak on the phone, it is not uncommon to schedule a phone meeting using email.


I usually bill on a per-project basis. After discussing your specific needs, I will develop a detailed proposal with recommendations, project details, timelines, and price quotation. This means you know the exact cost before any commitment is required, and you won’t pay for any extra features or pages you don’t need.

If you need a few revisions to an existing site, I can bill on an hourly basis.

Rates Comparison?2013-09-30T14:20:31-05:00

In my 18 years of professional design experience, I find that most websites which are cheaply produced, will often do more harm than good for a business’s reputation. While a client may save money on the initial design investment, the site costs them even more in lost revenue and reputation due to it’s poor quality.

My rates are priced for my client’s success. I don’t produce cheap ineffective websites. I deliver a higher quality, more effective site, similar to those of a larger professional agency, but at only 50-20% of their typical fee.

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